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How To Solve Overlapping Platforms

In road design, during the platform generation stage, user may encounter a warning prompt on ‘Overlapping entities’ as per image below;

This error needs to be resolved before the software proceeds to generate the slope. This issue occurs due to overlapping of road platforms which might be due to incorrect modeling techniques or the road itself being self-overlapping.

Incorrect Modelling Technique #

Issue on the overlapping platforms might be due to incorrect modeling techniques applied by the user. For instance, the creation of a cross junction may result in this error if it is not appropriately modeled, as demonstrated in the image below, where two road platforms overlap each other at the center. 

To fix this issue, users will need to model the cross junction using the correct modeling technique (refer here). The idea is that users will need to create two junctions at the right and left side of the main road. A pop-out as per image below will appear if software is detecting a potential junction. By clicking the “Yes” button, the software will automatically generate a junction for users.

By following the proper technique, a well-designed cross junction is created at the center, and the overlapping platforms problem is resolved.

Overlapped between road platform and earthwork platform #

There will be a scenario where you have created an earthwork platform and wanted to create a road at the platform. You will also get this overlapping platform error and software will suggest to make sure the earthwork platform does not overlap with the road as shown in the image below.

To resolve this issue, you can utilize the “Move Corner” feature to adjust the earthwork platform. As you can observe in the image below, the edges of the earthwork platform have been repositioned around the road platform.

Road Platform Being Self-Overlapping #

There are certain times where users have modeled the road with correct modeling techniques but still there is an error message of overlapping entities. If this issue happened, this might be due to the software bugs. We will recommend you email your backup project file to support@mes100.com in order for us to improve our software to serve you better. 

While waiting for your issue to be fixed, you can still proceed designing your project by following the guidelines below. We will go through an example using the project file attached below.

Refer to the project file here.

Open project file > Road > Generate platform > Error as image below pop-out

And checking the verification tab, you will have few errors listed as per image below. The suggestion for this error is to make sure that Platform “Road A” does not overlap with platform “Road A”.