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Object Snaps, Ortho Mode and Polar Tracking

Object Snaps #

Object snapping is to enable users to draw precisely especially to avoid the overlapping platforms or small gaps in between. You may find the options of object snapping in the Input Settings Snap button.

Endpoint  #

It allows users to snap at the end of the object. Even if the cursor is not on the end of the object, it will snap at the end of the object and the next drawing starts at the end of the object. 

The object is snapped at the end point of the line

Midpoint  #

It allows users to snap on the middle of lines. The next drawing can be continued from the middle line of the object. 

Center #

Center snap allows snapping at the center of circles. Green circle will appear at the center of the circle. 

Nearest #

It allows users to snap the nearest point of the object regardless of the shape of the object. For example below, the snapping is enabled along the line of the rectangular.

Nearest 3D #

It is currently not in use.

Insertion #

It allows you to snap Text of the tracing drawing. 

Perpendicular #

It allows the new drawing to be snapped perpendicularly to the existing drawing.

Apparent Int. (Apparent Intersection) #

It allows users to locate lines (i.e. platforms) that do not intersect. Given a tracing to create a rectangle shape, however the lines are not fully connected, therefore this snap will be helpful to draw a perfect rectangle. 

In order to use this snapping, users need to mark a reference first for the program to determine the intersection between lines. Example is as per video.

Node #

Node or Point command in CAD. It is currently not in use in MiTS.  

Intersection #

It allows snaps at the intersection of lines. 

It snaps at the intersection of the green and blue lines

Quadrant #

It allows users to snap to the quadrant points on the circumference of the circle. 4 points of the circumference will be shown as you move.

Tangent #

It allows users to form a tangent line with the object.

Extension #

It allows users to create an extended line from an object that is past the endpoint. You will notice that a reference line in green is shown. 

Ortho Mode #

Ortho mode restricts the direction which allows the cursor movement only in vertical and horizontal direction.

To activate the mode, press F8 or click the button at the bottom of the screen.

Polar Tracking #

Polar tracking is used to restrict the cursor movement to a certain degree level, especially to create a perpendicular or 45 degree direction. We provide a few other degrees such as 90, 60, 30 and so on. 

Press F10 or click the button at the bottom bar and choose the degree. 

For example, choose 90 degrees and create a platform. The next direction of the line will be automatically directed to a 90 degree direction.

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