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Manual headloss calculation benchmark with MES software

Project file: Head Loss here
In MiTS software, we are using Hazen-Williams Equation as shown below to calculate the head loss.

MiTS Software #

  1. The output value from MiTS software is shown as per image below.

Online Head Loss Calculator #

  1. We also test the value given in our software with an online head loss calculator.
  2. You may click here for the online head loss calculator.
  3. Node 1 is taken as an example, please refer image below:
  1. As you can see that the result generated from MiTS software is equivalent to the one calculated by the online head loss calculator.
  • Velocity = 0.3883 m/s
  • Head Loss = 0.2040 m

Manual Calculation #

  1. We used formula below to calculate the head loss with known Discharge, Q (m3/s), Pipe Diameter, D (m), Pipe Length, L (m) and Hazen-William Coefficient, k of the material used.

  1. As the Q is known, we will need to rearrange the equation to find the value of V.

  1. After obtaining the value for V, we will rearrange the Hazen-William Equation to get the value for S.

  1. Finally, we can calculate the value for hf.

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