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Creating Water Reticulation System

Water reticulation network system can be easily created and designed on the CAD Drawing with the Node and Pipe buttons.

Import Tab #

Users are able to import water reticulation networks directly from ACAD by clicking on the Import tab.

Select the drawing file. Minimum length to be imported can be adjusted and select the unit used for the network. Next, choose the layer that represents the water network and click import. 

Image of imported network is as below. 

Node #

Input the node in the drawing by clicking the “Node ” button.

To activate the snapping, users have to click once on the LoopWinPlus screen. When the mouse cursor turns into precision select, + pointer, then users can start placing nodes in the drawing.

Note: Object Snapping

Object snapping can be called out either by Ctrl + right-mouse click, or clicking the ‘Snap’ button.

Pipe #

Input the pipe to the drawing by clicking the “Pipe ” button.

To input pipes, users have to connect one node to another.

Alternative of Inputting Nodes and Pipe #

Users can directly input pipes in the drawing as in Chapter 2.2. The pipe will auto connect two nodes (at both ends of the pipe).

Pipe without intermediate node #

Press the SHIFT button while drawing a node in order to change the direction of the pipe without an intermediate node.

Select Pipe and then draw the first node. Hold the SHIFT button + left click mouse on the point which the direction of the pipe is changed but without the intermediate node. Release the SHIFT button to create the end node.

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