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Watershed Delineation in 3D View

In MiTS 2, watershed delineation is available to be viewed in 3D view.  New layers are introduced to represent the watershed which are  ‘Streamline’ and ‘Catchment’. 

To be able to view the watershed in 3D view, the watershed needs to be generated first. 

Go to Earthwork > Terrain > Watershed 

After that, generate your 3D view and go to the RHS property grid. 

Go to Main tab > 3D view

Once you are at the 3D view, go to the RHS property grid > 3D view

The Streamline and Catchment layers can now be superimposed on top of the 3D view. To achieve it, users may be required to fine tune the layers by turning ON/OFF layers to get a clearer view of the superimposed watershed in 3D view.


Catchment – a catchment area is an area of land that serves to collect water ( and direct it to a specific streamline) when it rains 

Streamline – streamline is a stream that collects water flow from catchment to discharge point. Eg: drainage/river. 

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