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How To Solve Issue on Full Berm at the Top Part of the Slope In MiTS 2 (Reorder Slope Function)

Full berm can be generated from the bottom by using the Reorder Slope function to create an Effective Platform (essentially platform within platform). Unlike the previous versions (MiTS 1 or EW3D module), users need some modelling using this workaround (HERE). 

Issue #

Full berm is located at the upper part of the slope

Full Berm at the Top Part
Shorter berm located at the bottom part in 3D

What users expect is as below, where the full berm is located at the bottom part:

Full Berm is located at the bottom part
Full Berm located at the bottom part

You can use this project file (Project file

Steps to use Reorder Slope #

Slope In #

1. The slope is as per image below after SLOPE IN. The “Reorder Slope” can only be applied to Slope In. For Slope Out, you may refer at end of this article (SLOPE OUT section)

Note: Now in latest MiTS 2 version, a previous slope feature is now implemented to ease modelling process;

‘Previous Slope feature is now available in MiTS 2’

Slope is in inward direction

2. To create the Effective Platform, click on “Reorder Slope”

Click “Reorder Slope”

3. Then draw an effective slope (essentially platform within platform

Define the effective slope inside the platform, following the slope shape

4. The platform later will be generated as image below 

5. Click on “Generate Slope” again to generate new slope. Full Berm is swapped to be at the bottom part. 

Newly created slope
Full berm is located at the bottom part

Slope Out #

6. In case where SLOPE OUT is applied, you are required to generate the slope first. 

Slope is generated outside of the platform

7. Since Reorder Slope can only be applied to Slope In, therefore you are required to create a platform following the shape of the slope 

New platform is created

8. Software is limited to overlapping platform, therefore the original platform needs to be deleted, leaving only the new platform. The SLOPE IN is assigned to new platform and slope is generated. 

Slope Direction is Assigned In
The slope is generated.

9. To reorder slope, Step 2 – 5 are repeated. 

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