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Nodes in a drainage system play a critical role in managing the flow of water and wastewater, ensuring effective drainage, and preventing issues like flooding or sewer overflows. Nodes serve as points of confluence, where multiple pipes join together to combine the flow of water from different sources. They also act as points of diversion, where a single pipe splits into multiple branches, directing water to different destinations. However, we can create a drain without nodes in the middle of the bent drain. In MiTS 2, it requires a step to design the bending pipes without nodes.

Creating bending pipes with nodes #

  • In “Input” tab of the Drain module, click on the “Drain” in “Drain” tab section to activate the function.

  • Click on any point as the first node and drag the cursor to another point and left-click to mark it as the second node.

Creating bending pipes without nodes #

  • To create bending pipes without nodes, drag the cursor to the next point, and then click simultaneously with “Shift” key on the keyboard

  • Without let go of the “Shift” key, click another point to make the bending pipes without nodes

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