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How to Determine Layer of Entities?

To import correct entities, you need to know the layers they are on, as MiTS import depends on selecting the correct layers.

You can check in the AutoCAD/Civil 3D and the MiTS’ Import dialogue box.

AutoCAD/Civil 3D #

In AutoCAD/Civil 3D, you can check the layer of an entity in 2 ways. The first is using the Properties palette.

  1. Press CTRL and 1 simultaneously or go to View tab >> Palette panel > Properties to open the Properties palette
  1. Then click on any entity
  1. The details of the entity will be shown in the Properties palette including the layer

The second way is to hover your cursor on any entity, and it will show you simple information about that entity.

MiTS Import Dialogue #

The step to check the entities’ layer is almost similar to the first way of identifying entity information in AutoCAD/Civil 3D.

  1. Click on which entity to check its information
  1. In the LHS panel, under the Misc section, the information of the entity is shown including the layer it belongs to

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