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How UTP Student Uses MiTS for Student Industrial Project

Preamble #

As a leading infrastructure engineering software in Malaysia and beyond, we recognize that our software is a great tool for teaching and study purposes, which is why we have Academic and Student licenses for universities, and we are thankful that we count a dozen public and private universities as our users.

But we were still pleasantly surprised when a University Technology Petronas (UTP) student, Mr. Amirul Rasyid Hadi contacted us out of the blue for a student license for the purpose of his Student Industrial Project. This is despite the fact that UTP is not our user at this moment. So, we arranged a license for him to use throughout the duration of the project.

How did he get to know us? #

Mr. Amirul interned at Jurutera Perunding TP Tay, Batu Bahat during one of his internship training experiences. Jurutera Perunding TP Tay is a MiTS user; we studied together and resolved the discrepancy between his results and the contractors, with satisfactory outcome in the end.

Which is also why we were glad to learn that Amirul had interned at that place.

His experience #

We don’t normally support students like how we support professional consultants ( eg: answering their questions on their models, result verification etc, whatsapp and email support), but Mr. Amirul didn’t have any problem getting his project done at all, despite that he never contacted us once, and not even attended any training.  He relied on the online documentation/video tutorial to navigate around, and he got helpful colleagues at TP Tay to back him up when stuck. Due to the user friendliness of the MiTS software, he had no problem completing the project and getting an A for it.

We believe that the result he got was a reflection of his dedication as well as the user friendliness of our software.

His project #

The project involves the Earthwork and water reticulation design at Lot 414, Mukim Kota Tinggi, Daerah Kota Tinggi, Johor Darul Ta’zim. The total area of this development encompasses roughly 12.50 hectares (31.50 acres) with water consumption for the whole development estimated at 546,820 lpd and total water consumption for phases 1 & 2 estimated at 386,900 lpd. So it’s a real site job and not a toy project.

Image 1
Image 2: Location Plan
Image 3: Key Plan from ACAD
Image 4: Key Plan from MiTS

This is a gif image of his project in 3D view. Notice that putting all the entities together in one single view will allow us to have a good feel of the project site and detect any clashes.

The takeaways #

For student #

You don’t need lecturer permission to use MiTS. If you find that MiTS is useful for your project, just send us an email at support@mes100.com, and you can get MiTS for your student project use; refer to here for more information and T&C.

For lecturer #

MiTS is not only a great tool for teaching and study purposes, but also invaluable for research and consulting purposes. Read our next case study on how a UMP lecturer used MiTS in the consulting work to do a preliminary 450 KM road design.

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