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How to Make The Zoom In or Pan of Drawing Smoother

User will notice that if Tracing Drawing is too big, moving the mouse cursor across tracing drawings or zooming in MiTS2, it repeatedly pauses instead of moving smoothly across the screen.

Furthermore, when the Snap function is activated, the snap function is not very smooth or a little bit slow.

Solution #

User may try solution below to make the snap feature snappier again.

Unload Tracing Drawing #

User may go to the Tracing RHS window and unload the drawing by click at the ‘Unload’ button

Unload the tracing drawings means user remove the drawing. To load back the tracing drawings, user can just click at the ‘Load’ button

Turn Off The Tracing Drawing #

Other than Unload the tracing drawing, user may turn off the tracing drawing by Untick the Show Tracing at Tracing RHS window

Turn off Tracing Layers #

However, if user do not want to hide the tracing drawing, user can turn off the tracing drawing’s layers. Turning off as many layers as possible will improve the drawing’s smoothness.

Users can go to the Tracing RHS window and search for the drawing layer’s name in the “Filter..” box, as shown in the image below, and untick the layers to hide them.

Turn off the tracing drawings can be done by Untick the Show Tracing. To turn on back the tracing drawings, user can just tick back the drawings

Change TextStyle from TTF to SHX #

User may try to change the text style of the tracing drawing. Before proceeding, the user must determine whether the Tracing Drawing is in TTF (Annotative) or SHX (Standard) TextStyle format. Users can refer to ‘Text Style Dialog Box’ article to know what TextStyle is used in the current drawings.

Steps to change text style:

  1. Open the drawing in the ACAD.
  2. Change the existing text from TTF to SHX. User may refer this Autodesk article on ‘How to Modify Text Style’ 
  3. Save the drawing.
  4. Go to the MiTS 2, Tracing RHS window and click ‘Load’ button.
  5. The Tracing dialog window below will appear. Click at ‘Load’ button, and go to saved SHX Tracing Drawing and select the drawing.
  1. Next, click ‘Open’ and click ‘OK’.

By using SHX text style drawings instead of TTF text style drawings, the snap function will be more snappier and the zooming in or moving the drawing can be smoother.

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