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MiTS 1: EW volume comparison between DTM vs Grid Method and End Area Method

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Project file can refer here

Excel Spreadsheet here

From the spreadsheet, it is pretty clear that all three methods agree with each other quite well, as shown in the summary table below:

comparison results

Note that

  1. The cut method error % is about 1~2%
  2. The fill method error% is higher, about 7~12% due to the fact that the fill volume is only a small fraction of the cut volume.
  3. The volume needed before compact fill is equal to fill/shrink factor. The manual calc. and software calculation agrees with each other, as shown from the above screenshot.
  4. Exactly same results can be obtained in MiTS 2. This is left as an exercise for the readers.

Below is the sreenshot of the software outputs:

Scenario 1 #

Swell Factor = 1

Shrink Factor = 1



Grid Method

Grid 1

End Area Method

End Area 1

Scenario 2 #

Swell Factor = 1

Shrink Factor = 0.8



Grid Method

Grid 2

End Area Method

End area 2

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