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Hydraulic Flow Calculation and Checking

Click the “Analyse” tab to calculate and check the hydraulic flow.

Results #

Excel Report Results Output #

By default, the Peak and Fire Flow calculation results are generated. The details for each peak and fire flow calculation can be viewed at the bottom tab. The fire calculation will not be generated if no hydrants are determined in Input. 

User can also include the Average Flow analysis and calculations by changing the parameter settings;

  1. Go to Options > Project Parameters
  2. Go to Water Ret > Design > Average Flow > Include in Analysis > Change ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

The ‘Average Flow Factor’, ‘Minimum Residual Pressure’, and ‘Maximum Head Loss’ value can be changed under the parameter settings too.

Textual Report Results Output #

The textual report is generated for Average Flow, Peak Flow, and Fire Flow.

Quantity Survey (QS) Results Output #

Details of materials used in the design are shown. 

Drawoff Table Results Output #

Water drawoff details of the design are shown in the Drawoff Table tab. 

Water Demands Results Output #

Water demand description is shown in Water Demands output. 

Drawings  #

Key Plan Drawings Output #

Click the Key Plan tab to view the key plan. The details box location of each of the nodes in the drawings can be moved by dragging the box to the desired location. 

Schematic Plan Drawings Output #

Schematic plan of Peak Flow and Fire Flow can be viewed by clicking the Schematic Plan tab. The schematic plan includes details of each node and a flow analysis summary table.

Each column in the flow analysis summary table can be sorted in ascending or descending manner by choosing the appropriate index and changing the setting under Project Parameters. The table can also be customized according to users preference in terms of the items’ arrangement, description and visibility under the Summary Table Configuration.

Note that once users define Running Pipe System in the design, the flow analysis summary table can be shown as segregated according to the system defined or combined together.

Result under the Summary Table is segregated according to the Running Pipe System, EXTG and PROPOSED
Result under the Summary Table is combined for all the system defined

Verification #

Loop Verification Output #

Loop verification of Average Flow, Peak Flow, and Fire Flow are generated. Click the Loop Verification tab to view the result. The result is generated when only the loop pipeline is designed. 

Design Check Output #

Checkings on the design elements such as residual pressure range, head loss, velocity and critical node can be viewed by clicking the Design Check tab.

Longitudinal Section Generation #

The longitudinal section of selected pipes can be generated after analysis. Select one pipe or multiple pipes on Key Plan Output and right click to generate a longitudinal section. 

The selected pipe’s long section will be generated after clicking on “Generate long section”. 

Customize the indication of levels at Longitudinal Section #

Go to Parameters > Sewerage > Detailing > Long Section > ‘X Detail Interval Level’ and Elevation Detail Interval Level 

For example, X Detail Interval Level is 15m and Elevation Detail Interval is 4m. 

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