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How To Design Cross-Junction

Users may try to design the cross junction as per picture below. But an error of overlapping entities will pop out. 

This error occurs because the cross junction cannot be directly modeled in the software. This documentation will help you to resolve this issue by guiding you on how to model a cross junction.

The first step is to move one of the horizontal points and locate it at the intersection. To do so you can click on;

Road name at Project View > Horizontal > Point > Click on the point you want to move > Snap on the intersection 

By doing so, software will automatically detect a potential junction and click on “Yes” to introduce the junction.

Now, a junction connecting road1 and road2 has been created.

Next, you will need to create one more road to introduce a new junction at the other side. To do so, you can click on; 

“Add” at the Project View Panel > Click on the newly created road name > Horizontal > Line > Click at the intersection point to add a Start point > Click at where the endpoint should be located > “Potential Junction Detected” pop out > Yes

And a new junction has been introduced, at the other side of the road. Now, a proper cross junction has been created.