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How to let Slope “In” following Cut and Fill layers in MiTS?

In MiTS, users can have the platform set as SlopeIn, in which the slope generation will be from the platforms’ edges towards the inside of the platform areas as in the image below.

Users may refer to the article –Guide on Slope “In” & “Out”– on how to set the slope direction for the platforms designed.

For SlopeIn, the hatching will always be represented in the default orange color, set under a separate layer named ‘E – SlopeIn’. From the image, we will not be able to differentiate the cut and fill for the particular platform.

So, how do we set Slope ‘In’ to show the cut and fill layers? #

In MiTS, the SlopeIn representation as a different layer depends on a setting under the Parameters, called ‘Use Own Layer for Slope In‘. By default, this option will be set to YES.

Hence, to show the cut and fill;

Go to Options tab > Project Settings/Project Parameters > Earthworks > Click on Detailing > Use Own Layer for Slope In > Change the option from YES to NO > OK > Regenerate Slope

The SlopeIn is now represented by cut and fill slopes

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