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How to Turn The Engine Method from Matlab to Native on MiTS 1 or MES Module

Example of Error #

User may encounter this error when trying to proceed to analyze the project.  

  1. Matlab Error

2. If the Program Fails to Start with an Exception Message

1st Step: Change Engine Method, Matlab to Native #

To solve this problem, you may change the engine method used from Matlab to Native. In doing so, you will need to go to

Options >> Parameters >> Analysis >> Engine >> Change from Matlab to Native

*please refer image below for reference


2nd Step: If The Error Still Occur #

After changing the engine method from Matlab to Native, and the error listed here still occur user may try possible solution below

Solution #

Firstly, Remove Matlab cache folder #

The folder, by default it is at %AppData%\Local\Temp\<username>\mcrCache7.17

i. mcrCache7.17 may be named differently depending on the installed version of Matlab compiler runtime

ii. This is how you can find the %AppData% folder on your machine.

If the problem still persists #

Try changing Matlab cache location

i. Create a directory where the location is writable, for example, create C:\mcrcache

ii. Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables

iii. Under System variables, add variable name MCR_CACHE_ROOT with the directory path created in the first step as its value


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