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Why MiTS Allows Users to Proceed to Outlet Design, Although Provided Volume is Less Than SSR

Some of the OSD design might not require you to assign an OSD for the area, which may be caused due to value of Qpost =< Qpre. Such an event usually requires engineers to provide a small detention tank, but the calculation of the provided volume will be less than the site storage requirement (SSR). 

Previously we didn’t allow one to proceed to Outlet Design whenever the Qpost is less than SSR, but we decided to provide more flexibility to the user in the event when Qpost=<Qpre, so now, when   Qpost=<Qpre, one can choose to proceed to Outlet Design regardless of SSR.

Above image is an example which software will prompt users to proceed if the Qpre is less than the Qpost. Users may click on “Yes” to proceed to outlet design and to the analysis. 

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