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EW3D End Area Method for Irregular-shaped Development Area

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Users may have troubles in generating the cut/fill volume by using End Area method towards non-regular shaped development area. End area method calculates the whole stretch of the cut section that cuts across boundary size unlike Digital Terrain Method (DTM) where the volume can be calculated on per boundary basis.

Therefore, we would like to suggest you a few alternatives:

MiTS 1 User #

For MiTS 1 user, you may segregate the project into several zones into different projects and sump up the volumes afterwards as per example below, unlike in MITS 2 whereby users can generate several zones into one project.

As per example drawing above, MiTS 1 users have to create the End Area 1 and End Area 2 into two different projects and sump up the volumes afterwards.

MiTS 2 User #

By using MiTS 2, users can directly create several End Areas into one project and sump up the total by using only one project file.  

Manual calculating the volume based on the given cut section in EW module

a) From the cut section, calculate the area within the boundary by using ACAD command (Command: Area) manually.

The area of the first area is selected.

Area 1 area is 650974881.5 mm

Then calculate the consecutive area, which is Area 2

Area 2 area is 702667826.5 mm

b) Compute each section volume by using End Area Method formula

Vi=(L/2).(Ai-1 +Ai)


V1 = (10000/2)(650974881.5 + 702667826.5) = 6.768 x 10^12 mm3 = 6768 m3

c. Sump up for both cut and full and recalculate the volume.

       For more details of the procedures, please refer here.

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