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Project Parameters Setting

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Users frequently adjust project parameters as they work on a project to meet their specific requirements. In MiTS 2, users can save or load project parameters, as well as reset the settings to default.

When opening the Project Parameters windows, the user can always use the Save/Loads/Defaults feature.

This feature helps standardize the result by enabling multiple users to operate on the same settings with the same project parameters.


  • Please note that user may undo save/load/defaults function by pressing the cancel button. Hence, the changes will not be save/apply to the project.
  • Please ensure that user click “OK” to implement the changes made to the project parameters.

User may go to Option > Project Parameters

Save #

  • User may press the save button and then select the folder to which the parameters should be saved. Then, change the file’s name and click “Save”
  • The file will be saved as a MiTS Parameters File format, which is only compatible with MiTS software

Load #

  • If user want to load the project parameters, user may click “Load”
  • Then, choose the project parameters file by going to its saved file location and clicking “Open”
  • User can only load file formats from either MiTS 1 or MiTS 2. The format of the file as follow;

Defaults #

If user want to reset back to the default parameters, user may simply click “Defaults”

Please note that once user press “Defaults,” ALL the settings in Project Parameters will be reset back to defaults.

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