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MiTS 2 Installation

Installation files

Release Notes

Users can find the release note HERE

Interim Release

General Release

Kindly download and install the MiTS 2 as per the link attached.

  1. MiTS
  2. MCIntegrator
  3. Drawing Example 

MES Module and MiTS 1 Release

For MES Modules and MiTS 1 installers, users may refer to here.

MiTS 2 Installation Steps

1. Right Click on MiTS2.exe and select “Run as administrator

2. Tick “I agree to the License term and conditions” and click “Install”.

3. Click Finish.


  1. 32 or 64 bit of Windows 7 SP1 or above
  2. At least 5GB of free disk space in C drive
  3. 8GB of RAM or above recommended

Help, tutorials and videos

  1. MiTS 2 user manual
  2. MiTS 2 videos
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