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Watershed Delineation Guideline

Natural catchment #

A catchment is an area where water is collected by the natural landscape.

The outside edge of a catchment is always the highest point. Gravity will causes all rain and runoff in the catchment to run downhill where it naturally collects in rivers, lakes or oceans.

The system of of streams which transport water, sediment and other material form a catchment is called a drainage network

Manually, you can trace your catchment boundaries and drainage network from a topographical (topo) map onto tracing paper, and to examine the pattern of streams and rivers that cover the reaches of your catchment.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Analysis parameter #

DEM Grid-cell size: the smaller the value, more sub-catchments will be introduce and more precise terrain as well as more refined the whole DEM will be generated.

TauDEM-Threshold: for user to have better control on the streamline generation, the smaller the value, more streamline will be generated which will make it easier for user to identify catchment and flow for drainage design

For further reference you may refer here

Nc: for presentation purpose where sometimes when software generate the watershed delineation, some of the catchment may looks rough or coarse and user might want all the edges of the catchment to be smooth out and fill up for better presentation.

For further reference you may refer here

However, we no longer need that extra work anymore as now we have ‘watershed delineation’ feature in latest MiTS 2.

Steps & procedure on how to use ‘watershed delineation’ #

  1. Create new project / open existing MiTS project file
  2. Import survey points for newly created project file
  3. Go to Earthwork > Terrain > Click ‘Watershed’
  4. Software will generate the watershed delineation
  5. User may also refer video tutorial below


  • Streamlines will be generated based on the terrains and flow gravitationally from highest point area to lowest point area.
  • User can identify the streamline of the collected water by adjusting the ‘streamline – line type scale’ for software to shows which catchment area receive the most flow by streamline thickness
  • Streamline which shows thick line shows more flow collected compare to fine line
  • For further understanding, user may refer video tutorial below

Advantages of having watershed delineation #

  • Save time and hassle free to generate streamline
  • Watershed delineation can be used as reference for catchment flow in drainage network and in Earthwork

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