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BIM and Information Exchange in MiTS

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In MiTS we strive to support interoperability and BIM in the widest sense. For this purpose we prepare different export formats and different plugins tools. This blog post is a list of tools and file formats that we support in order to make information exchange easier with other software.


MCIntegrator #

MCIntegrator is a specific Civil3D plugin that allows Civil3D to read/write to MiTS file directly. Engineers can do utility designs such as sewage, drainage and water reticulation in MiTS in order to obtain the Invert Levels, utility size and then synchronize to Civil3D for BIM modelling. It’s a two way synchronization that also feedbacks the information of ground level from the Civil3D to MiTS software. 

MCIntegrator is a handy plugin if you want to maintain a tight synchronization between Civil3D and MiTS software. An operation video is shown below. You can also download the plugin here and the reference here.


DWG Export #

Engineers have been using our DWG export functions for aeons to export the keyplans and/or longitudinal section into CAD software for editing. But a lot of people don’t know that  you can also export the whole geometry of your infrastructure sites– including the original ground levels, platform levels and utilities geometry– to the DWG file in full 3D coordinates, so that it can be opened in AutoCAD, Navisworks and more importantly, in Revit BIM

To do so, you can click on the 3D view, and then just choose Save As DWG in order to export to DWG file. Refer here for a guide. 



IFC is the defacto standard of BIM file exchange format. It is supported by all BIM software including Tekla BIMsight, ArchiCAD, Bentley BIM, Revit, Navisworks and Civil3D. The IFC file that MiTS generated can thus be opened by any of these software.

Users might need to do some tweaking in those BIM software before the IFC file can be opened. Take for example, you will need to set the setting properly in Navisworks before your entities can be shown.  This is the limitation of the BIM software for which we hope can be fixed soon. 

For Autodesk products however, we still suggest that you prefer Autodesk proprietary formats ( like DWG format) or Autodesk plugins ( like MCIntegrator) over the standard IFC format, if you have a choice. IFC support in Autodesk software is still maturing

For further updates on MiTS software, please refer to our release notes!

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