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Inser Title Blocks in Road Cross Section Detailing

In MiTS 2, we support of Title Blocks in Road Cross Section Detailing.

You can now set a title block, and set the paper margin so that the printout drawing looks nice in MiTS 2

The support of Title Block is important because we want our users to be able to generate the printout drawing in one-click. The goal of our software is to save engineer’s work. Engineer’s time should be spent on high level designing, and not on petty things like checking the calculation results, making sure that the drawing is consistent and presented in a properly layout format for printing. The support of title block would surely save engineer’s and draftsperson valuable time.

In addition to that, we also feel that owing to the more integrated environment of MiTS 2, it’s easier for even the draftsperson to do drawing layouts and styling modification in MiTS 2, rather than in another generic CAD software. What this means is that if you want to remove certain entities from the printout in AutoCAD, you will have to go to every single cross section and delete them one by one. But in MiTS 2, we have all the meta information regarding what those entities are, and thus it would be easier for you to to show or unshow those entities, at just one toggling.

Currently the title block support is just available for Road Cross Section, Road Horizontal and Vertical Detailings, and Earthworks Cut Sections, the support for other types of detailing will be rolled out soon, depending on customer’s requests. The guidelines can be referred in the link attached below.

We have plans to support the title block ( with smart arrangement features in order to save paper) in

  1. Earthwork cut sections (implemented)
  2. Road vertical detailing sections (implemented) 
  3. Water reticulation, drainage and sewerage longitudinal sections
  4. Keyplans and so on

So, if you feel that the title block is a must have for a certain types of detailing outputs, do send an email to support@mes100.com, and we will have them implemented!

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