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IFC file Troubleshooting in Revit

IFC file here 

Revit version: Revit 2021 

How to export IFC files from MiTS 2 here

MiTS 2 can generate IFC files and it is compatible to be used with other BIM software such as Revit, BIM Vision and other related BIM software. 

To open an IFC file in revit, you may refer to ‘Link an IFC file’. However, if you encounter issue in opening IFC file you may refer to this step below as per suggested in Revit Forum; ‘When open IFC file in Revit shows nothing


1. Launch Revit

2. Link your  IFC file by go to Insert tab > click Link IFC and select your IFC file

3. Go to view range and edit the offset value

4. Now the pipes are showing


  • About the View Range 


  • Plan Views


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