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Culvert Design according to MSMA 2 in MiTS 2

The Culvert Design feature in MiTS 2, according to MSMA 2/ SUStoM guideline. We have implemented for Pipe Culvert and Box Culvert; other types of culverts are available on demand request!

Culvert with 4 channels

In culvert design, we are given

  1. The discharge from the catchment
  2. The velocity of the flow
  3. The pipe culvert/ box culvert size

And then we are required to design the

  1. Number of channels
  2. The size
  3. Determines whether the culvert is inlet or outlet control

In the event when the culvert is inlet control, we are further required to compute the partful velocity and the depth of the flow.

In MSMA, a lot of the relationships are given in terms of graphs, whether it’s inlet nomograph, or the critical depth, or the colebrook-white equations, or the partful flow relationship between depth and discharge. This certainly resists engineer’s effort to codify the culvert design in a spreadsheet.

However, we manage to find the correct equations linking different quantities in the graph, and implement our culvert design solution on top of them in MiTS 2. From there we can design a nice UI and generate wonderful typeset report for submission purpose.

The UI of culvert design
3 column report for culvert design according to MSMA 2/SUStoM

So, believing the mantra that knowledge wants to be free, in the coming posts we will freely share on the following topics for culvert design:

  1. All the graphs such as the inlet nomographs, critical depths, partful flow graphs and the equations behind these graphs
  2. The spreadsheet verification for MiTS 2 box and pipe culvert

Based on our materials, you should be able to build you own culvert design spreadsheet.

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