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By defining boundary(s) for the development project, earthworks volume can be calculated based on the zone.

Boundary Input #

Click the ‘Boundary’ icon to start boundary input. Click once on the application ‘Input’ screen to activate snapping, trace the shape to input the boundary. All boundary inputs have to be closed polygon and cannot overlap each other or itself.

Boundary Editing #

Boundaries can be easily edited by using ‘Add/Remove Vertex’ and ‘Move Corner’.

Add/Remove Vertex #

Click the both buttons ‘Boundary’ & ‘Add/Remove Vertex’ and select the particular boundary.

To add vertex:

Click once at the edge of the selected boundary to activate the add/remove vertex operation, and click again to add/locate the vertex. (If adding vertex fail message is pop out, kindly go to Object Snap Setting, ticked ‘Nearest’ option and re-do the adding vertex operation).

To remove vertex:

Double click the particular vertex to remove the vertex.

Move Corner #

Click the both buttons ‘Boundary’ & ‘Move Corner’ and select the particular boundary. Click on a corner of the boundary and click again to locate the corner’s new location.

Boundary Properties #

Users can view boundaries properties by clicking the both button ‘Boundary’ & ‘Spread Input’.

Mark #

By default, boundaries are named as Boundary 1, Boundary 2 …etc. Users can give a specific name to their project boundary by double click the particular cell and edit it.

Desired Cut/Fill #

The earthwork balance for a defined boundary after Auto-Balancing analysis is done. A negative value indicates cut while a positive value indicates fill.

Topsoil Depth #

The total depth of the soil needs to be scrubbed out before earthwork activities are started. Users can opt to remove the topsoil ‘Within Boundary’ and ‘Within Platform Only’.

Within Boundary:Removal of topsoil for all area in the boundary
Within Platform:Removal of topsoil is only for all platform area and slope area that is within the boundary created.

Option > Project Parameters > Earthworks > Analysis

Users can input topsoil depth in boundary properties using both buttons ‘Boundary’ and ‘Spread Input’ or at the RHS Properties Tab.

Topsoil layer can be observed by users at the Cut Section generated as below;

Within Boundary

Within Platform Only

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