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How to Modify Slope Dimension

Users are able to modify the dimension of the slope in their project file. This new feature is called slope template configuration. Slope template configuration can be found either in the project settings, platform editor or the wall line‘s spread input. So, how to use this slope template configuration?

What is the difference between Slope Template and Slope Sets? #

A slope template is a collection of slope sets. In simple terms, it is a combination of different sets of slopes where each slope set has its own specific elements within it. Meanwhile, a slope set is an absolute configuration of slope elements by default or designed by users. For example, we have 3 slope sets; set A, set B and set C, and 2 slope templates; PST1 and PST2. PST1 is a combination of set A and set C while PST2 is a combination of set B and set C.

Set A has more elements than set B

Set B is less steeper than set A

Slope Template Configuration Options #

Elements & its descriptions #

Slope TemplatesList of templates designed by users. There is always one default slope template, PST and WST
Selected TemplateThe pre-designed layout of the slope. Consists one or more slope sets
AddClick to add a new template
RemoveClick to remove an existing template
Slope Set Config.Settings of slope sets
Max. SetMaximum number of slope sets that will be generated. Although the slope still has not reached the ground, it will stop generating if it reaches its maximum limit
Slope ConfigurationType of slope condition
Slope Out: CutSlope generated outward platform with level lower than ground level
Slope Out: FillSlope generated outward platform with level lower than ground level
Slope In: CutSlope generated inward platform with level higher than ground level
Slope In: FillSlope generated outward platform with level higher than ground level
Slope SetsConfiguration of slope elements. By default, all templates will have one similar final, cyclic slope set
Initial, non-repeatingSlope set that will be generated at the beginning of the slope. It is unique and absolute. Can have multiple sets. It will be generated once based on its configuration
Final, cyclicSlope set that will be generated repeatedly after the initial, non-repeating slope set. If there is no initial, non-repeating slope set, it will be generated from the beginning
Slope Set MarkMark/name of a slope set
A Slope Set ConfigurationClick ‘+‘ or ‘‘ button to add or remove a slope element. Arrangements in the table will affect the slope generation. The first slope element generated is the first row of the table.
Slope Line TypeThis is where the users can edit the slope elements
Slope Drawing (WIP)Real-time preview of the slope template. Users can see how the slope will be generated

Steps for modifying the slope dimension: #

Open a Platform Editor #

There will be two new columns in both ‘By Edges‘ and ‘By Points‘ which are ‘Selected Slope Template‘ and ‘Slope Template‘.

Edit Slope Template #

Click the ‘Edit‘ button in the Slope Template column. The Slope Template Configuration window will pop out.

  1. Click ‘Add‘ to add a new slope template
  1. Select a template to be edited. The template naming will automatically follow the numbering sequence (i.e.: PST1, PST2… PSTn)
  1. Choose a slope configuration. All four slope configuration can be used in one slope template. However. to avoid confusion, add another slope template to modify a different slope configuration
  1. Choose slope sets to be edited
  1. This is an optional step. Insert slope set mark. It is very useful when the user has multiple initial, non-repeating slope sets
  1. Edit the slope set configuration. Click the ‘+‘ button to add a new element and the ‘‘ button to remove an existing element. Click the ‘Edit‘ button to edit an element.
  • Slope

  • Berm

  • BermDrain

  1. Edited slope elements can be previewed in the slope drawing (WIP)

  1. Once you are satisfied with the slope configuration, click OK.

Choose slope template #

Once you are done modifying the slope template, you can choose which platform to have which slope template. Select a template from the ‘Selected Slope Template‘ column in the platform editor.

Shown below is the cut section of a platform with the modified slope template from the above example

Related Documentation #

Users can also refer to the article, How to have different slope configurations for different slope tiers for the steps in using the slope template feature in slope designs.

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