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Changing Survey Points Style in MiTS 2

In MiTS 2, a user may import two different groups of survey points and change the style of the points to differentiate between the two groups. This same capability is also available in Civil 3D. However, the steps to change those survey points is a lots easier in the MiTS compared to Civil 3D.

MiTS 2 #

In MiTS 2 user may need import the survey points first. To do that user may refer to ‘Steps to Import Survey Data’ article.

Steps to Change Survey Points Style #

1) User may check the imported survey point group by go to Main > Survey Points & Soil Info > Import Manage and the Survey Point Group Manager will appear.

2) To change the style of the survey points user need to go to Survey Points & Soil Info > Edit and go to RHS Properties tab

3) User may realize that at the image above, the survey points group only shows Survey Points 1. It is because at the ‘Active Survey Point Group’ > Point Group is Survey Points 1. To change that user can just Click at the drop down arrow button beside the survey point’s name.

Note: Please bear in mine that user can only choose one survey group to be display at one time.

3) User can change the visibility settings to display or hide the survey points

4) The display size of the survey points can be enlarged or reduced by the user by changing the point size

5) Users can differentiate the imported survey point groups by their colour using ‘Point Group’ at Main > Survey Points & Soil Info > Import Manage. Next, click at the colour box to change the colour


Go to RHS Tab Properties (make sure Edit Survey points is ON like in steps 2) and click at the Survey Point Colour

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