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How to open MiTS generated IFC file in Navisworks Manage 2019

To open IFC file in Navisworks Manage 2019, user will require to change the Schema Version to IFC4.

To do so, please go to Options > Project Parameters > Compatibility > Schema Version > Select IFC4 and click OK

Image 1: Schema Version Compatibility

To export, just click on BIM Export function on the file menu.

Image 2: BIM Export button

Launch Navisworks Manage 2019 and open the exported ifc file.

*User may use MES setting combination in Navisworks for reference

*Setting: Hardware acceleration on and Revit IFC on

Image 3: Hardware Acceleration on
Image 4: Revit IFC
Image 5: Example of IFC4 file exported from MiTS 2 open in Navisworks Manage 2019

Navisworks Setting Guideline #

User may encounter problem when opening IFC file exported from MiTS into Navisworks.

As written in Navisworks’ Forum, there are some setting that will require some adjustment in order to allow Navisworks to be able to open the IFC file.

Suggestion 1: Turn off the ‘Revit IFC’ #

In Navisworks Options > File Readers > IFC, unchecking Revit_IFCs if these are not from Revit

Image 6: IFC file reader

Suggestion 2: Try to toggling Hardware Acceleration off (or on if currently off) #

In Navisworks Options > Interface > Display > Hardware Acceleration

Image 7: Hardware Acceleration

Suggestion 3: Redo the IFCs #

User may return to the source of these IFCs and check the export setting.

As in this case user may need to change the compatibility of ‘Schema Version’ to IFC 2×3 or IFC 4 in MiTS Parameter setting.

Suggestion 4: If working in large coordinates (super far from 0,0,0) test in a new Navisworks file not using large coordinates. #

Why need to use schema version IFC2x3/IFC 4 in Navisworks Manage 2019?

Currently, IFC4x1 schema version is compatible with most BIM-Compatible Software but that is not the case for Navisworks Manage 2019. For Navisworks Manage 2019, user may refer below for ‘Supported file formats and applications for Autodesk Navisworks

Image 8: IFC supported file format version


  1. The default schema version when BIM Export function used is IFC 4
  2. IFC 4 cannot export road alignment– it can only be exported in IFC 4×1.
  3. In the software, road export will be greyed out if any format other than IFC 4×1 is selected.

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