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Creating Sewerage Network System

Table of Contents

With “Node” and “Sewer” buttons, a system can be easily created in a sewerage network called the CAD Drawing.

Node #

Input the node in the drawing by clicking the ‘Node’ button. 

To input the node, users have to click once on the MiTS-Sewerage screen. Then, users can start to locate the nodes in the drawing.

Note: Object Snapping

Object snapping can be called out by clicking the ‘Snap’ button.

Sewer #

Input the sewer in the drawing by clicking the “Sewer” button.

To input a sewer, users have to connect one node to another.

Users are also able to input the exact sewer pipe length by key in desired length. Click once at screen to activate mode, click first point and key in the sewer pipe length. 

Note: Add Parallel Sewer, Extend Sewer and Map Node to Sewer

Features of Sewer 

Users can add parallel sewer, extend sewer and map node to sewer by selecting the sewer, then right-click on the selected sewer.

  1. Create Offset Sewers 
  • User can offset parallel sewer pipe by inserting distance interval 

  1. Map Node to Sewers
  • -User can map a node to a created sewer network my click map node to sewers 

  1. Change Length 
  • User have the flexibility to change the existing sewer pipe length by shortening or lengthening the sewer pipe

  1. Break Sewer 
  • Users can break sewer pipes from one to several sewer pipes by having a node in between. 

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