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Running Pipe System in Water Reticulation

Have you been in a situation where you simply wanted to categorise the analysed pressure pipes into new or existing pipes and you had to manually label those pipes one by one in the CAD software?

Well, if you have, then this will be great news to you as we have introduced a new feature named as Running Pipe System in the latest MiTS version 2.9 which will definitely come in handy for the engineers.

So, What is a Running Pipe System? #

A running pipe system is a categorization of pressure pipes in a water distribution network according to any criteria. This feature is a notion that is related to (but not always the same as) the Civil 3D Pipe Run.

In MiTS 2, the feature basically allows users to break down a pressure pipe network into specific pipe runs, giving flexibility to group pressure pipes into different names or use different colors to indicate them. What’s more, users can even choose to display the results under a different summary table or combined together under the same one.

With this feature included in the Water Reticulation Module, engineers can now define their own colour code and naming schemes for different Pipe Systems according to their design.

How is the Running Pipe System implemented? #

Water Reticulation with 2 pipe systems defined, EXTG and PROPOSED

The pipe runs defined under the parameters settings will not only be reflected under the Input Screen, but also under the Key Plan, and Schematic Plan.

Key Plan with 2 pipe systems defined

Schematic Plan with 2 running pipe systems defined and segregated summary table for each pipe runs

Example of Schematic Plan exported to Civil 3D

How to apply the Running Pipe System in your project? #

To be able to define the running pipe systems in your project, it only requires simple steps which you can refer to in the Water Reticulation User Manual here.

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