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Platform ‘Auto Fix’ Feature

Auto Fix function can be use to fix overlapping platform. To generate the platform/slope in the MiTS 2, user need to make sure that all the platform are not overlapping with one another.

For example

When user want generate the platform/slope but the following error happen;

Users can find more information about the overlapping platform by going to Input > Verification and looking at the Verification tab at the bottom of the window

Platform 1 overlaps with multiple other platforms based on the error described above. The overlapping can be seen in the image below, where the red line platform (Existing) overlaps the grey line platform (New).

To fix this error, user may need to move not one but multiple Platform 1 corner manually, where it’s require a lot of work. With ‘Auto Fix’ Function, this error can be fix in one click.

User can just click the ‘Auto Fix’ button at the verification windows or at the Action > Auto Fix

or go to Action > Auto Fix

When the user clicks the ‘Auto Fix’ button, the dialogue box shown below will appear. The user only needs to click ‘OK’

The software will then auto-correct the platform based on the most recently drawn/imported platform. After Auto Fix, the overlapping platform line between the platforms will be tarnished. The before and after auto fix functions are shown below, with the red line platform (Existing) and the grey line platform (New).

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