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Creating Drainage Network System

With “Node”, “Drain” and “Catchment” buttons, a drainage network system can be easily created in the CAD Drawing.

Node #

Input the node in the drawing by clicking the “Node ” button.

To input the node, users have to click once on the Input screen. Then, users can start to locate the nodes in the drawing.

Note: Object Snapping

Object snapping can be called out either by Ctrl + right-mouse click, or clicking the ‘Snap’ button.

Node Shape   #

Starting from MiTS 2.5, node shape can be selected either to be displayed by ‘Square or Circle’ 

To change the node shape, go to Project Parameters > Drainage > Detailing > Key Plan > Node Shape > select shape

Drain #

Input the drain to the drawing by clicking the “Drain” button.

To input drains, users have to connect one node to another. Click on the screen while the drawing drain will also generate nodes.

To model a drain without a node, users have to click on “SHIFT + left click mouse”.

Features of Drain

Click on the drain and right click to open the features list.

1. Break Drain 

  • To break a drain into several drains at a certain length. 

2. Create Offset Drain

  • To set a drain with the same length and orientation at a certain offset distance from the original drain selected. 

3. Change Length 

  • To change the length of a drain. 

4. Map Node To Drain

  • To connect a drain from a node to the selected drain.

5. Show Long. Section

  • To show the long cross section of the selected pipe

Catchment #

Input the catchment area to the drawing by clicking the “Catchment” button.

To input catchment, users have to draw a close polygon and assign it to the particular drain.

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