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Calculating and Checking Sewerage Flow

Click the “Analysis” button to calculate and check the sewerage flow.

Summary of Calculation Report #

Summary of the calculation report will be generated if the analysis is successful.

 Users also can generate the summary of the calculation report themselves by clicking at ribbon tab “Output”.

Longitudinal Section #

Click the “Long Section” button to generate longitudinal sections for the sewerage network system.

Customize the indication of levels at Longitudinal Section #

Go to Parameters > Sewerage > Detailing > Long Section > ‘X Detail Interval Level’ and Elevation Detail Interval Level 

For example, X Detail Interval Level is 20m and Elevation Detail Interval is 4m. 

Excel Report #

Click the “Excel Report” button to generate excel report for the sewerage network system.

Quantity Survey #

Click the “QS” button to generate detailed quantity survey data for the sewerage network system.

Key Plan Output #

Click the “Key Plan Output” button to generate key plan for the sewerage network system.

Optimum Sewerage Pipe Design #

Users can allow the program to determine the optimum sewerage pipe for the sewerage network system of the project. Iteration of sewerage pipe will be done and the optimum sewerage pipe will be selected by the program.

Users can edit and add different sewerage pipe diameter to be used. Some default diameters are provided by the program. Kindly note that different pipe types have different diameters

Click Options –> Parameters –> Sewerage ->  Design –> Diameter

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