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How to Get API Key for Google Earth Import

MiTS 2 now is able to import survey points directly from Google Earth. In order to obtain the data, API key is a mandatory.

API Key is used to track API requests associated with your project for usage and billing.

Go to Google Maps Platform website to get started

Using API Keys | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers

Creating API keys #

1. Click ‘Go to the Credential page

2. Then ‘create project’ 

(Note: you may refer on how to create a project here OR if you already have a project, select the project and skip step 3)

3. Enter  ‘Project name’ and click create

(note: if you have an organization to link to, click Browse and select it; otherwise, choose ‘No organization)

4. Then select ‘Maps Elevation API

5.  And click ‘Enable

6. Go to ‘Credentials

7. Create credentials and select ‘API key

8. And your API key is now created

9. Copy the API key and paste at Options > Program Settings > Import > Paste API key

Enable billing  #

Go to Google Maps Platform – Set Up in the Google Cloud Console to get started

Set Up in the Google Cloud Console | Maps JavaScript API

1. Click ‘Go to the Billing page

2. At billing accounts, select the ‘existing project’ OR click ‘create project’ (if you don’t have any project created please refer here)

3. Select ‘Manage Billing Account’

4. Click ‘Add Billing account

5. Select the country and your organization needs and agree to the Terms of Service then click continue

6.  Enter your payment information and click ‘start my free trial


  • your account will not be charged if you stay within your free quota 
  • If your application needs resources that exceed the free quota, you will be charged for the additional usage 

reference : Google Maps Platform FAQ

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