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Display Settings at Nodes

This feature allows the user to define the location of the labelling for the nodes

The Node Mark Display Dialog can be opened in two different ways

1st way: Spread Input Tab

User may go to Nodes > Spread Input > Display Settings and then user may click the button

2nd way: RHS properties tab

Firstly, user need to select the nodes first, then go to the RHS properties tab then may click the ‘Edit … ‘ button at the display settings

General #

User may just click at the drop down button at Mark Positioning and choose one of the position below. Then, click ‘OK’

Horizontal/Vertical Justify #

User may specifically adjust the horizontal or Vertical alignment of the Nodes labelling by change at the Horizontal or Vertical Justify. Please be informed that the software will adhere to the horizontal and vertical justification more precisely than what was chosen in the general

As shown in the example below, even though the user chose Center for the “General” setting, the Horizontal and Vertical Justify settings were different, thus the software will use the Horizontal and Vertical Justify settings

Follow Layer #

User have to choose between follow ‘By Entity’ or ‘By Layers’ 

By Entity #

If user select ‘By Entity’, user may change the justification of the nodes labeling and then click at the ‘OK’ button

By Layers #

The labelling will follow the layers if the user choose “By Layers,” therefore they cannot change the justification. Even if the user changes the justification, the labelling of the nodes will remain unaffected.

By Entity
By Layer

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