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Grid Method

This software provided few methods to calculate earthworks volume. If Grid Method is preferred, a Grid System needs to be created and grid squares selected will be included in Grid Method calculation.


Earthwork volume calculation using Grid Method does not consider the effect of assigning a slope, topsoil and pavement thickness.

Create Grid System #

To calculate Earthwork Cut/Fill volume using ‘Grid Method’, go to Earthwork>> Cut/Fill>> Grid. 

Click the “Define” button, input the corresponding grid system angle, interval, left offset, bottom offset and click “Define”.

Create Area Element #

Click the “Area Element” icon and select the corresponding grid square(s) to be included in Grid Method calculation. The selected grid square will be assigned numbering and in purple colour.


Click, drag & release to select or delete a huge number of grid squares. To delete redundant area elements, select corresponding area elements and press “Delete” on the keyboard.

Reorder Area Element #

If a smaller grid square is needed,click once on the selected grid to have an equally square split grid.

To rearrange the number of area elements (grid square) to edit

Next, make sure the Spread Input button is turned on, then click “Regenerate Marks” in the Spread Input windows

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