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Margin and Padding for CAD Layout

CAD Layout at Project Parameters  #

Go to Project Parameters > CAD Layout > and modify value for ‘Margin’ or ‘Padding’


Padding – space reserved allocation in mm for meta information i.e: company information inside the title block

Margin – space in mm between viewport boundary and paper edge  

Padding #

Users will be required to measure the actual space reserved for the meta-information and use the information to set the padding information.

Case 1: Padding value is not set

For case 1, you can see when the padding value is not set, hence the vertical detailing will overlapped with vertical detailing as image below:

Case 2: Padding value is set in the parameter (i.e: bottom padding set to 70mm)

For case 2, when the bottom padding is set to a certain value (i.e: 70mm), user can see that there is space allocated and vertical detailing no longer overlapped with title block 

Margin #

This is represented by the dotted line and it is the printable area or printer margins for a given sheet and a given printer/plotter. 

Do ensure the title block is within these margins, if not they will not be print/plot. 

Case 1: Default margin value 

As default setting, users can see that the title block will stick to the LEFT and TOP margin. 

Case 2: Margin value is set in the parameter (i.e: left 30mm and top 15mm)

User can see the margin on top and left will have some space from the paper edge as image below:


  • When the title block is imported, by default the title block will stick to the Top and Left side of the margins. 
  • Hence, user will require to edit the margin value to allow some space between the margin and paper edge 

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