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How to Design L-Junction

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User may try to design the L junction as per picture below. However user may notice that one side of the road lane is not connected.

It is because user cannot directly using junction function to do the L-Junction. User may use the suggestion solution below to overcome this issue.

One Road Type #

User may use one road type to do the L-Junction.

For example below, user may notice that it is a junction between two road type

However, when user click YES the junction is not complete as image below

Solution #

1. Draw the L-Junction using One Road Type

2. Go to Input> Alignment >Horizontal > Curve. Change the Spiral Length to 0 – 0 or any suitable value. But user need to make sure that the Arc Angle is not negative

3. Next, click at anywhere in the Input drawing. Then, at the RHS Properties Tab there is Min Radius… click at the drop down button and select None.

4. After that user may change the value of the Design Radius as we already change the Min Design Radius setting at Step 3. User may adjust the value until user is satisficed with the shape of the L-Junction

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