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How to Send Backup MiTS 2 Project File

MiTS and below, the loupe file and the backup file are separated. Therefore, users are needed to follow the following sections in order to append project file and loupe file.
MiTS and above, users only need to click on “Backup” as mentioned in Section “i. Backup Project File” as the loupe file will be automatically included in the backup folder. 

Backup Project File #

Following are the steps backup the file for MiTS 2

a. Click on the main MiTS icon at the top left and click Backup

b. After “backup” is clicked, you will be directed to Save Backup and save as “ZIP” type.

Collect Diagnostic File #

If you are required to give us the diagnostic file, kindly follow the following steps below.

a. Click “Help” tab and click “Collect Diagnostic”

b. Then you will directed to Save Diagnostic Information and save as “glp archive” type. If you are required to send us the file, please do send us the file to support@mes100.com

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