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Customized Road Cross Section

User can customized the outcome of the road cross-section

User may go to Option > Project Parameters > Road > Detailing > Cross Section

Cross Section Type #

User may change the cross-section type either Input or Platform

Input #

In the defaults settings, the Cross Section Type will be set based on the Input

The Cross-Section will be produced as per image below

Where the Slope Ratio is fix based on Project Parameters at the Earthwork

As shown in the image below, the generated slope ratio may differ from the EW Keyplan

Platform #

If user choose the Cross Section Type to Platform, the cross-section produce will be based on the properties of the platform.

This feature is useful if the road’s slope ratio varies from LHS to RHS.


The platform slope ratio at the LHS of the road is 0.5 while at the RHS is 1.5. The cross section will be produced as per image below if user change the cross section type to Platform.

The cross-section produce will be the same as EW keyplan unlike the Input type

However for platform method, the limitation is that all the section of the road will be label as the name of road. For example this one is road 1

Cross Section Table #

User can customize the information at table in the cross-section.

User can go to Option > Project Parameters > Road > Detailing > Cross Section > Table


The information that the user can enter into the table in the road cross section

To add details, simply select the information from the Available tab and then click the ‘Add ->’ button.


By default, the cross section table will include Datum, Existing, Proposed, and Distance information

The details in the Current tab can be removed by clicking on the details to be removed and then clicking ‘Remove <-‘

Not only that, but the user can rearrange the position of the details in the cross section table. To do so, select the information to be rearranged and click the ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Dow’ button.

For example

By defaults the table in the cross section will only have these information

Next, add the Earthwork information. As defaults, the Earthwork information will be placed under the Distance. Then, click ‘Earthwork’ and then ‘Move Up.’ As a result, the Project Parameters will be as follows;

The table in the Cross-Section will presented as per image below;

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