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Creating Internal Road Platform in Earthwork Module

To create a road in MiTS 2, you will have to go to the Road module. However, for a simple road such as an internal road (yellow) of a residential area, the procedure is complicated since you will have to go through the road entities one by one (Horizontal, Road Width, Superelevation, Vertical) to create the road.

However, with a simple feature in the Earthwork module, which is ‘Create Internal Road String’, you can create an internal road in a few seconds. So, how to use this feature?

  1. Make sure you click ‘Edit’ for the platform. Platform’s elements will appear and click ‘Create Internal Road String’.

  1. Click until the ‘+‘ symbol appears.

  1. Specify the first and second points for the internal road string. The string created will be a reference line located in the middle of the road.

  1. Input the start elevation, end elevation and total road width for the internal road and then click ‘OK’. The first point indicates the start elevation and the second point is the end elevation. (Tips: Follow nearest RL/GL)

  1. The internal road will look like this.

You can also refer to this video for a better visualization.

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