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Clash Point Solution

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Intersection point with clash or insufficient must be resolved by changing the properties (eg. location, invert level, gradient, and etc.) of drainage, sewerage, and/or water reticulation.

Example of Solution #

1. Check on the pipes that clashed and insufficient clearance. Determine the additional vertical clearance needed to pass the analysis.

2. Make the changes accordingly.

Users can directly adjust the invert level and position of pipes (drainage, sewerage and water pipe) in 3D view. 

Select pipes, and edit. 

Adjust the Sewer 8 (at manhole 9 or manhole 10)  Invert Level at the RHS properties box to avoid the pipe clashing vertically between Drain 11 and Sewer 8.

User may untick ‘Iterate Invert Level’ and manually key in Invert Level for Manhole 10 as image below;

3. Make sure analysis passed for Drainage, Sewerage, and Water Reticulation modules by clicking ‘Module Status’

4. Click on the ‘Analyse’ button .

Note: Now users can directly analyse utility modules directly from 3D view. Go to Main tab >> Project >> Analyse 

After click analyse button, an ‘Analysis Summary’ will pop up for all three (3) utilities module;

5. Make sure the remark is shown OK for all the intersection points. Change the properties again if any intersection points still clash/insufficient.

Report (Vertical)

Report (Horizontal)

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