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CAD Function

CAD Tab #

Use CAD function in MiTS for faster work without exporting out to ACAD.

MeasureMeasures the distance between two points
Measure AreaCalculates the area and perimeter of defined areas
Zoom InIncrease the magnification of the layout
Zoom OutDecrease the magnification of the layout
Zoom WindowIncrease the magnification of the selected area
Zoom ExtentsDisplays all entities on the layout
Zoom AllDisplays all entities from the origin (0,0)
PanGrips the layout to move the screen

MES Shortcut Keys #

Starting in MiTS onwards, some shortcut keys from AutoCAD are now being implemented in MiTS. 

List of MES shortcut keys can be referred here

Object Snaps, Ortho Mode and Polar Tracking #

The object snap settings can be referred to this blog “Object Snaps, Ortho Mode and Polar Tracking”.

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