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How to Use Earthwork Master String

“Master Strings” is implemented so that the user can see the cross sections along a certain fix chainage of a reference line. With this new feature, users no longer need to create cut sections along a network one by one.

This is especially useful when you have a drain, or a long road that you want to view the cross sections of it with a certain fix chainage interval. The cross sections are perpendicular to the reference line.

Project: CLICK HERE (for MITS and above)

Steps to Earthwork Mater Strings #

  1. Open Earthworks > Cut Section > Masterstrings

The masterstring acts as a reference line, and multiple cut sections will be created perpendicularly based on the reference line.

2. Example below is the masterstring created along the sewer. Click the Master Strings tab and create a line follows the sewer network.

3. Assign the interval and the offset after the reference line is created. 

4. Cut sections with 5 m interval and 1 m offset are created.

5. To view the cross section, click on “Terrain > Cut Section” in Earthworks. All the cut sections created will be shown. 

The position of the sewer from the ground level and the sizing can be easily viewed.

6. This feature also will be helpful if users want to see the position between utilities, in order to check clashes. Example below is between Drainage and Sewer. 

The steps are the same, create the Master String and adjust the interval and offset according to your need. 

7. Open the cut sections, the position of the drainage and the sewer along the network can be compared easily.

For Off Shape Line #

  1. For an off-shape line, Shift function is used in order to create a turn of the master string. Example taken on the Water Reticulation network. 

As image above, the master string is continuous from Node 2 – Node 3 and turn to Node 4. To create a continuous master string for an off shape line, SHIFT + click Node 3, let go the SHIFT and continue to the next click. 

2. The master string with cut sections are created. (you may refer the water reticulation network example)

**All of the examples are based on the project attached above (for MITS and above)

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