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How to generate different gradient for slope in Earthwork

In some cases, a different slope gradient may be used in generating the slopes. 

However, in MiTS software one platform edge can only have one (1) gradient value. Hence to have multiple slope gradient users will need to improvised on the modelling approach. 

Therefore, in order to have different slope gradients for slope berm, a ‘dummy platform’ needs to be introduced. 

Where to add the dummy platform? #

Image 1

Note: the dummy platform can represent anything i.e: berm width, buildings, existing open space and etc


1. Draw the starting platform with Gradient 1, i.e: gradient 1 to 1.5

Image 2

2. Generate slopes

Image 3

3. Identify point/line of gradient transition will takes place

Image 4

4. Draw ‘dummy platform’

Note: you may used ‘Previous Slope’ function to show the previous slope generated as a reference to draw the ‘dummy platform’

The previous slope can be turn ON at the Input > Platform > Edit and go to RHS property grid > properties . Please make sure that user do not select any platform to activate the previous slope function. For further reference user may go to ‘Previous Slope’

Image 5
Image 6

5. Input the new created dummy platform properties. Then, make sure that user change the new Cut/Fill Slope Ratio at dummy platform and regenerate slope

Image 7
Image 8
Image 9

6. Image below is when the dummy platform is drawn as per berm width (1.5m wide) 

Note: project file for reference here 

Image 10

How about the fill area? The example only shows the cut area. 

The method and concept will be the same. Hence for both cut/fill, you can use the same steps. 


For cut area – change the cut ratio at the platform editor 

For fill area – change the fill ratio at the platform editor

Image 11

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