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Defining Viewports in Layout

A viewport layout in Autodesk allows users to examine data or drawings produced in the Modelspace at a specific scale through a “window” integrated into a paper scale layout. User may also refer to “About Layout Viewports” for additional information.

Roads also commonly contain extensive chainage. To make documenting and referring to the road segment simpler, the user may decide to print the road model on paper with an accurate scale just like what has been explained in “About Scaling Views in Layout Viewports” by Autodesk. Hence, this feature allows the user to perform this function.

Below are the example of Define Window at the Input modelling;

Steps to use “Define Window”;

  1. Click at the ‘Define Window’ button at the Viewports tab in the ‘Input’ window
  1. Make sure to choose the road user wants to define after clicking the Define Window button. Next, click on the road section that the user wants to define. The following dialogue box will pop up.
  1. Input all properties as follows. Then click ‘OK’

Note: User may also edit all properties in the ‘Spread Input’ box below by clicking on the properties to be edited and inserting the value

  1. Then, user may proceed with the ‘Generate Platforms’ feature. After that go to Output > Horz. Vert. Detailing > Layout to active the layout drawings
  1. The layout that has been created is as follows;
  1. User may change the scale of the drawings at the ‘Spread Input’ tab x and y ratio for the horizontal and vertical detail
  1. User may then switch off the vertical and horizontal tabs first and turn it back on to implement the modifications

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