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Create Junction #

In order to create a junction, both roads master string must be intersecting. Click on the Add button under the Project View to add another road at the junction. The minor road master string can end exactly at the major road master string or near to the masterstring. You can use the snapping function to snap the masterstring (See Chapter 2.1).

Create a junction dialog box that will appear if the junction is valid.

Click YES to create a junction. The junction curve will only appear after you proceed to Road Width. The junction will appear when both roads have lanes.

To Create Junction Manually #

Click the Junction tab first to create a junction manually between roads. Then click one of the masterstrings first followed by another masterstring.  

If you move the end point (junction intersection point) of the road after the junction is created, kindly recreate the junction. This is to ensure the minor road string is ended exactly at the major road.

Junction Properties Table #

Junction properties can be viewed by clicking the Junction Spread Input. The Junction Mark and Radius can be edited. 

Vertical Alignment for Intersection #

The vertical alignment of the intersection point can be adjusted by using the Auto Adjust button. The Auto Adjust button is in Vertical >> Point >> Spread Input.

Select the point in the Spread Input Table to adjust its elevation to the intersection point elevation and click the Auto Adjust button.

The chainage of this point must be the same as the chainage shown for the intersection point.

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