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Terrain Tab

String lines or contour lines can be shown after survey points are imported at the ‘Terrain Properties’ box on the right hand side (RHS). 

Boundary #

Boundaries show the convex hull of the imported survey points. In this context, the convex hull is referred to as the ‘Survey Points’ boundary. 

Contours Lines #

Contour lines can be shown by tick the ‘Show Contours’ and the “Minor Contour Interval’  and ‘Major Contour Interval’ can be edited. 

Mesh String Lines  #

String lines show the mesh for Original Ground Level (OGL) which the mesh pattern is controlled by meshing method selected either Irregular (TIN) or Regular (TRN)

Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) 

In TIN, ‘best fit’ triangles are formed between data points. ‘Best fit’ triangle is formed with nearest neighbor points, that is the sum of three edges of the triangle is the minimum. 

As shown in image below is the Irregular (TIN) meshing method.

Triangular Regular Network (TRN)

In TRN, the triangular elements build up is almost equally distributed in size. The triangular element is made up of interpolated values to produce a smoother and regularity shape to the user. 

As shown in image below is Regular (TRN) meshing method

A concise comparison between TIN and TRN is explained here

Show Face Index #

By enabling Show Face Index, the triangle generated by the mesh for Original Ground Level (OGL) will be numbered. However, in order to use this feature, the user must make sure that Show String Lines is turned on.

Export Mesh #

Generated Mesh Stings Line properties can be export by clicking at the export button below.

However this function is limited Cloud License User.

Alpha #


Alpha is a setting related to survey points boundary (convex hull). Alpha value can be adjusted to reduce and increase the convex hull boundary. The higher the Alpha value, the bigger the boundary is for the survey point.

How to use

This alpha setting is set to maximum by default. However, the value is editable at the Right Hand Side (RHS) box.

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