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How to Create a Slip Road

A slip road is a small road provided to enter or exit a highway section. In this blog post, we will show the users how to create a slip road connecting a highway and the road underneath it in MiTS 2.

Sample project file can be found here

  1. Add a new road and click on the new road to start the design

  1. Create a new road by connecting all the IP road tracing. Click ‘Yes‘ when a notification to create a junction pop-up.

  1. Since slip road is usually a one-way road, delete the irrelevant carriageway, in this example, it is the right carriageway. You can also add another left carriageway and shoulder.

  1. Now, as you can see, the junction angle is quite big, so if you want to make it smaller, in the ‘Input’ tab, go to; Entities > Junction > Spread Input > Adjust Radius

  1. Shown below is its 3D view

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