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Solving Gap Between Two Platforms by Create Infill

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Issues: #

  1. When one draws cut section between platform and platform, there might be a small gap /space in between which makes the connection not smooth.

  1. This problem may arise when the user creates a platform inside the software and using ‘nearest’ snap function to avoid overlapping platforms.

  1. Apart from that, this issue may also happen when importing platforms. The imported platforms may have some small gap/space in between.

  1. In addition, this small gap/ space can also happen between ‘road platform’ and ‘earthwork platform’ and the user wants to create a smooth platform connecting these two(2) platforms.

Image 1: Small gap area between two platforms

Image 2: Cut Section showing a not smooth connection between two platforms

Solution: #

To overcome this and make the connection between the platforms smooth, a user may apply the ‘Create Infill’ function to fill up those gaps/spaces.

Steps: #

  1. Click ‘Create Infill’ and select the small gap area between the two (2) platforms as clouded in Image 1.

  1. Double click and select infill type either by ‘Constant height’ or ‘Connect to edges (triangulated)’.

a) Constant height:

  • In ‘Constant height platform’, insert platform height in meter.

b) Connect to edges (triangulated):  

  • In ‘Connect to edge (triangulated)’, triangular platforms will be created. MiTS will propose platform height to match the neighboring platform level.
  • The triangular platforms will connect and take the highest Platform Level among the available neighboring platforms.

3. Let say, user use ‘connect to edges (triangulated)’ to fill the small gap between ‘Platform 1 and Platform 3’.

Image 3: Create Infill by ‘Connect to edges (triangulated)

  1. A triangular platform will be created and match the existing neighboring platforms level. User can see there is a new platform generated mark as ‘Platform 4’ between Platform 1 and Platform 3.

Image 4: Platform 3 generated from the create infill function

Image 5: Cut section showing smooth connection between Platform 1 and Platform 2 after applying ‘create infill’ function

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